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Welcome to the Nashville Underground Music Archive- a place to share and save memories of the people, places, and performances that show the under side of Music City, USA. As time marches on, much of what helped make the musical communities in this town have gone away too soon, or for some, not soon enough- here is the story.

This project is a constant work in progress. Please feel free to contribute your story and help improve it for others.


The independent voices from Nashville: the cats, the dawgs, the soul, the R&B, the rock-n-rollers, the punks, the hippies, the hip-hop stars, the street buskers, the songwriters, the singers, the song-makers, the beat-makers, those who made a difference and made the independent nashville scenes into places and spaces of community and togetherness.

These are the people who made the music.


The independent labels behind-the-scene helping to record, promote, distribute, and grow the musical landscape.


The clubs, the dives, the all-ages venues, the songwriters' bars, bathrooms, backrooms, and street corners where that magic was made.

These are the places where the music was born, grew, lived, and sometimes died.


The events, shows, and media that moved us and helped highlight community.

These are the performances that brought us together.


The aim of this archive is to provide place and space for the often unsung people, places, and performances of note whose participation in their scene was not just a stepping-stone to 'making-it' but reflected a commitment to each other. These categories are meant to highlight those who were often excluded from the mainstream credits- the independent voices in a musical town.